PHP/Web Developer with a background in mechanical engineering. Especially strong skills in developing extensions with the Joomla! Application Framework. Through my company, I have a number of ongoing consultative relationships and would like to offer to provide the same service to you.


Platforms & APIs:

  • Joomla! Platform

  • Zoo Framework

  • Nooku Framework

  • MVC Component and Extension Development

  • iLance Auction Platform

  • Facebook API (PHP and Javascript)

  • Paypal/BeanStream API

  • InfusionSoft API

  • Google Analytics

Browser Languages & Frameworks:

  • JavaScript

    • MooTools, jQuery, CouchApps



  • Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu)

  • Apache 2.2

  • MySQL 5.0

  • PHP 5.3

  • CouchBase

  • SVN

IDE & Build

  • Netbeans IDE with ANT

  • Eclipse

  • Titanium

  • DreamWeaver



Magnetic Merchandising Inc.
Toronto and Ottawa, ON, Canada
Founder, Principal Web and Application Developer

MMI is principally focused on helping SMBs improve their general web presence. The company also sells and supports extensions for the Joomla! CMS.

  • Requirements gathering, analysis and planning

  • API review and utilization

  • Social media app development

  • Content management system selection and deployment (deployments and 'Deep' modifications)

  • SEO, SEM and Google Analytics

  • Software life cycle management

  • Service and customer support


The following is a non-exhaustive list of projects that I have worked on directly.

  • JFacebook for Joomla: Authentication, Registration, XFBML rendering and wall posting

    • design, build, sales, support:


    • Custom application development using Zoo Framework

    • Complete redeployment of site into Joomla! 2.5

    • Selection and integration of Subscription Management extension


    • Full site deployment and general consulting

    • Infusionsoft API Wrapper for Joomla:

      • Interfaced Joomla Specific Events with InfusionSoft followup sequences

  • Created iJoomlance Extension. Joomla and iLance Auction Platform mash-up

    • Start-ups:,,

  • Conceptualized and implemented the Marketplace and Resource for Freelancers

    • Created Facebook canvas application and integration for the iLance Auction System

    • Created the iJobid Client Marketplace Interface for Joomla 1.5 (Instant Marketplace
      Deployment System)

Show All Experience & Publications

2005-2006 Liquid Breaker LLC
San Diego, California,
Mechanical Engineer
(Remotely: Toronto, ON)

• Current design assessment; subsequent redesign to improve size, function and cost
• Electrical/mechanical specifications for design application and components
• Machining specifications / drawings
• System calculations for appropriate function
• Fluid mechanics and hydraulic systems
• RFQ production, prototype management, component sourcing

2004-2008 Bioengineering Center , “Jos’e Antonio Echeverria” (ISPJAE) Technical University
Havana, Cuba
Research and Publication Support (Pro-Bono)
(Remotely: Toronto, ON)

• Application Service Provider (ASP) for Clinical Maintenance Management Systems ON)
• Fuzzy inference system for contract service provider performance evaluations
• Review of international health care facility and medical device regulatory agencies
• Data mining and knowledge discovery inside data set (medical equipment maintenance)

2002-2003 Curriculum Edge
Tutor (sub-contract full-time basis)
Toronto, ON

• Private instruction in all high school levels in:
• Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
• Assessing student’s individual challenges
• Addressing specific obstacles with appropriate learning strategies.

1999-2002 Biokinetics and Associates Ltd
Ottawa, ON
Biomechanical Engineering Research and Marketing

• Sales ($220,000 USD contract to FIFA)
• Marketing channel management (process flow diagrams, proposals, advertisements, brochures, website content)
• Business development and inter-company/organization liaison
• Managed ongoing relationships with FIFA, NHL, CSA (Soccer)
• Brand building of ITS-3 (Integrated Tactical Suit –3)
• NFL Mild Traumatic Brain Injury / event reconstruction
• Hybrid III anthropometric head-form instrumentation and testing
• Literature research for traumatic brain injury
• (mild and chronic, acquired and maintained 150 paper database)
• Football helmet design team/performance assessment
• Experimental test rig design and build
• Data acquisition, documentation and analysis (data flow diagram GUI for NI DAQ)
• Digital video capture and analysis
• Defense research for blast related, non fragment body trauma for Department of Defense


1999 B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering Carleton University
Ottawa,ON, Canada

2000 Rand 40 hours PRO/E (CAD) training


  • 1994-98 Carleton University Men’s
  • Varsity Soccer Team Captain ‘98; OUAA All-star ‘96
  • 1995-99 SP Sigma Pi Fraternity, HR Chapter, Philanthropy
  • 1995-95 Residence Fellow, Dept. of Housing and Food Services
  • 1996-97 Vice President, Rideau River Residence Association, Inc.


Cruz, A.M., Barr, C., Rodriguez, D.E., “A New Method Based on Fuzzy-Logic to Evaluate the Contract Service Provider Performance”, submitted for review to IEEE, Engineering In Medicine and Biology, Dec. 2005.

Cruz, A.M., Barr, C., Rodriguez, D.E., “Application Service Provider: A Solution for Integrating Medical Equipment Management”, accepted by AAMI, Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, June 2005.

Cruz, A.M., Barr, C., Puñales E. Pozo “Increasing The Corrective Maintenance Efficiency using Multiple Linear Regression and Clustering Techniques.”, submitted to for review IEEE February 2006.

Newman, J.A., Shewchenko, N., Beusenberg, M.C., Fournier, E., Withnall, C., Barr, C., “Verification of
Biomechanical Methods Employed in a Comprehensive Study of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and the
Effectiveness of American Football Helmets”, submitted to the Journal of Biomechanics, currently under review, 2002.

Barr, C., Beusenberg, M., “Probability of Concussion from a Single Heading Event in Football (Soccer)”, IIHFIOC-FIFA International Symposium on Concussion in Sport, Vienna, November 2-3, 2001. British Journal of Sports Medicine, Feb. 2002.

Shewchenko, N., Newman, J., Barr, C., “The Biomechanical Assessment of Concussion in Sports”,
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