I have been working with Joomla for a long time, but of late have been focusing on Nooku. Not that I don't think that the moves made in Joomla! 1.6+ and beyond are great (especially the RESTFul implmentation in the Application folder of the framework), but am enjoying using Nooku for its Service Oriented Attributes (check out Engineering Internals of a RAD Framework... as a PHP Developer which I just wrote as the second post for the TopTal blog)

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Last night I read the following @ "Sharing the Fruit of Knowledge". Check it out. It got me thinking about open source projects and the path they take to either relative success or obscurity (totally subjective, I know)

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So this past week has been a nice week. I have finally found some time to clean up some projects and tweak some of my developer tools.

This post is dedicated to a build file I use in Netbeans for Joomla! Component Development.

Get it @ Github .
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