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Anahita Goes Totally Open: "Sharing the Fruit of Knowledge"

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Last night I read the following @ "Sharing the Fruit of Knowledge". Check it out. It got me thinking about open source projects and the path they take to either relative success or obscurity (totally subjective, I know)

Communities. They, like organisms, start out with some initial event. The meeting of two or more people with common ideas or plytes. Along the path of existence they either thrive or dwindle, depending on the interaction between its members and more appropo, the decisions made by their respective 'brains'.

One such organism is Anahita (with its community and associated tribes) which is developed and supported by Peerglobe Technology and rmd Studio. They seem to making a lot of the right decisions. The latest one is to allow the download and use of all of their extensions for Free for the Free Tribe Group.

"The latest one is to allow the download and use of all of their extensions for Free for the Free Tribe Group."

This simple act of is bound to increase adoption and use of the Framework by orders of magnitude. I am already planning my first side project with framework (which I will try to post here as I go). Adoption, in its essense is the the act of committing to the community. It means questions, communication and contribution, interaction and participation [Its fitting that this Social Networking platform :)]. I am sure I will have a few, and even more sure that I'll have something to add.

To me it looks like Anahita is making ready for the next stage in its evolution and I am excited for my fellow Canadians and wish them success.

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