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One Year with TopTal ... Could not be happier Featured

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A little over a year ago I was contacted by a TopTal recruiter and went through the validation process (which I wrote about in I just joined Needless to say I was successful in that process as challenging as it was. Here I am one year later, and I thought it appropriate to talk a little about my experience here.

In a few words, and as the title suggests: "I could not be happier". Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Great Clients with

Through TopTal, I have had access to clients. Great clients, clients that I simply did not have the time to find, connect with and acquire, let alone, service.

I am no longer fighting for work against developers bidding 5 bucks an hour or less on other marketplaces.

My Overview page brings the most appropriate and recent projects based on my skillset right to the top of the list.

Getting Paid Through

I spend, almost zero time billing...Think about that, no invoicing, no payment followups....Just work. That's been great.

The entire payment system is great actually, in that its hands off and simply acts as a record of your invoices and your work. You don't have to do anything, just enter your preferred payment method on TopTal's site and TopTal bills the client, takes payment and pays you. I signed up for the Payoneer option and was being paid via direct load debit Card for a while. Since then I have opted for the Payoneer wire transfer. Just 15$ per transfer, whether $100 or $5,000, which kills PayPal. To that end Toptal has been very accomodating by grouping smaller invoices together and making lump sum payments.

Nearly Doubled My Annual Revenue with

This last point serves to sum up my entire experience working with the group:
I've gone from 60% billing of my time to 99% at a higher average rate.

Needless to say, its been my best year financially as a web developer.

No marketing, no business development, no billing, no banking....Just concentrating on doing great work for great clients...

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Cameron is a PHP Application Developer and consultant and spends much of his time furthering the business goals of his company Magnetic Merchandising Inc. which he started in 2005.

Cameron has provided technical deployment and consultation for many entities since starting MMI. Much of that work has been in complex hosted auction platforms, professional Joomla! deployments and extension development and sales.

As such, Cameron has acquired a deep technical skill-set, a sensitivity to client needs, and the ability to produce anything those clients can visualize.

Everyday, he actively seeks out and becomes familiar technologies that will give MMI clients maximum return for their web development and general e-presence dollar.