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Useful Tip: Regular expression to find HTML Attributes

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I use OpenOffice for my text editing. Its got some nice export features for *.pdf and *.html. In fact I produce my fact sheet and thought it would be nice to put it up here on too. However, when you export into *.xhtml you get all the class & id & style attributes and I don't want them!

So I thought:

What a great opportunity to practice my regular expressions!

Again, since I wanted to find all the 'class="SOMETHING"', 'id="SOMETHING"' and 'style="SOMETHING"' I needed a good match for "SOMETHING". After messing around for a little while I came up with this:


The first part (class|id|style) say's: match 'class' or 'id' or 'style', that's pretty easy.

The second part: ="[^"]+" is a little more confusing. It says match ="SOMETHING" where something has no quotation mark(s) in it [^"] is the SOMETHING.

Check out for more.
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