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what does one say about one's self in this kind of forum. i guess the answer to that question is dependant on why this web site is up. another question.

i guess it is here for general interest, beginner, intermediate and advanced topics about the web. i think i will post solutions to problems that took me a while or just share what I have learned through the years.  principally, my focus has been on the LAMP stack and a great deal more specific focus on Joomla!1.5 and iLance auction software. i do have a degree in mechanical engineering and work for several years as a impact/injury biomechanical engineer, but I have found my passion is actually the developing for the web.

i think that's a good start. I hope to find time regularly to post.

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Cameron is a PHP Application Developer and consultant and spends much of his time furthering the business goals of his company Magnetic Merchandising Inc. which he started in 2005.

Cameron has provided technical deployment and consultation for many entities since starting MMI. Much of that work has been in complex hosted auction platforms, professional Joomla! deployments and extension development and sales.

As such, Cameron has acquired a deep technical skill-set, a sensitivity to client needs, and the ability to produce anything those clients can visualize.

Everyday, he actively seeks out and becomes familiar technologies that will give MMI clients maximum return for their web development and general e-presence dollar.